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3 Reasons to Be Living in Northern Idaho

3 Reasons to Be Living in Northern Idaho

When looking for a place to live, the options are endless and it’s tough to choose. Lately, living in Northern Idaho is a population choice with each year the relocating rates rising. What’s the big deal with living up there? It’s not as famous as New York City or Los Angeles but, nonetheless, something is stirring and attracting everyone from young professionals to new families.

If you live in the region then there is no mystery. Living in Northern Idaho is a paradise for those who don’t yearn for the hustle and bustle of a metropolis but, don’t want to be disconnected from the city either. It’s one of America’s best-kept secrets, towns like Coeur D’alene and Sandpoint. Out of all the reasons why different people would give for why living in Northern Idaho is fantastic, here are 3 everyone agrees on.

Outdoors Lifestyle

Living in a land of only concrete and cars can wear on your nerves. No one has that problem living in Northern Idaho, it’s a paradise for anyone who enjoys the outdoors rather than an endless string of shops. You could drive a mile or two down to the lake and swim, go fishing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, or just relax on a beach. You could spend all day on biking trails and end up on some wild woodsy adventure or in the fall hunt deer, elk, moose, or even bears. Towns like Coeur D’alene and Sandpoint are centered between some of the largest national parks in the country. It’s impossible to be bored living in Northern Idaho.

Since Idaho gets all four seasons and has mountains scattered around like fall leaves, there is plenty of snowmobiling. Though, who wants to wait till the winter? Hike up the mountains and find some snow in June to go sled. You won’t get that in many places, the ease of all seasonal activities.

Affordable Living

Without an endless sea of high rises and a population so packed together you’d think you’re living in a sardine can, life in Northern Idaho is incredibly affordable. The town Coeur d’Alene should be noted here as it was ranked one of the most affordable cities in Idaho. Homes that would go for 500,000 in California could easily be around 200,000 in Northern Idaho. Also, when buying a house here you’re not pushed up against one-hundred neighbors. There is space living in Northern Idaho.

The cost of living in Idaho is consistently ranked lower than most places in the United States and you don’t have to abandon civilization to afford it. Which leads to the next point.

Small Town Charm Just Outside Big City Living

The towns in Northern Idaho maintain their small-town charm without having a small town population. So, you won’t find a one block downtown or one meeting hall where all things are decided, outside of city hall of course. The balance of a metropolis’s amenities with the everyone knowing each other’s names vibe is idealized here. You feel a sense of community whether living in Coeur d’Alene or Sandpoint.

Part of the attraction to a small town is the sense of safety and community, knowing that others know you and that looking after each other is the way to maintain the town’s health. It’s a nice feeling to not be a stranger in a place that has hundreds of thousands. Even if you need a bigger city every so often to let loose in, you’re not far from places like Spokane, Washington. If you’re feeling a bit of small-town cabin fever, just drive on into Spokane.

Living in Northern Idaho is a Dream

There are dozens of reasons to be living in North Idaho and for every person you ask, you’ll get a few different ones. These three reasons are what everyone agrees on and the biggest whys to moving here. The outdoors especially, few places compete with the balance of city life with ease into nature-based activities. Most other places you’d have to drive at least an hour to get anywhere truly woodsy or you’re already living in the woods and have to drive at least an hour to get to a city.

Living in Northern Idaho is the best example of affordable balance. The towns here aren’t geared towards strictly family life, though it’s a great place to have a family, nor is it geared to the ambitious young professionals even though your drive can be sated here.

See for yourself and experience the balance that comes with living in Northern Idaho.

3 Reasons to Be Living in Northern Idaho
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3 Reasons to Be Living in Northern Idaho
People are abandoning America's metropolises for Idaho. Wondering what the draw is? Here are 3 reasons that living in Northern Idaho is a best-kept secret.
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Martinelli Realty Team
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