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Buying a home in Idaho is a process that should not be rushed!

We specialize in educating and guiding our clients through each step of the relocation process and we would love to be a resource for you. Most of our relocating clients spend months and even years getting to know the area before they make their decision.

Our team uses a measured five step process to guide you through the relocation journey.

Those five steps are:

  1. Determine IF North Idaho is for you and your family
  2. Determine WHERE in North Idaho is for you and your family
  3. Determine HOW you are going to buy a property (If you need a loan, we have a team of lenders that will pre-approve you so you are a stronger buyer than your competitors. If you have contingencies, we will work through those with you to put you in the strongest negotiating position possible.)
  4. Search for a home
  5. Purchase the home

Many real estate agents push step #4 “Search for a home” as step #1…that is not us!

In fact, we will not even take you into a home (step #4) until we have walked through the first 3 steps with you…at your pace.

Don’t drive around blind!

We invite you to take a tour of the area with us when you are in the area. A tour is critical in helping you through steps 1 and 2 above. A tour takes about four hours. We drive you in our rig and take you through Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding areas of North Idaho. This lets you ask your questions in real-time as we explain the prices, culture, amenities, advantages, and disadvantages for each of the area(s) as they relate to your lifestyle needs. We provide these tours to over 100 clients each year. Like them, you may find the tour foundational in helping you decide if North Idaho is for you and where might work if/when you are ready. Again, we do not show you inside of homes on the tour. The tour is free of charge and free of pressure…why? We believe that after we showcase the area and demonstrate our ability to answer your questions, there is a pretty good chance we may be finding you a property in the future…whenever that may be.

Contact us for a free consultation and set up a tour…we would love to share the area with you!