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Is Sandpoint Idaho a Good Place to Retire?

Is Sandpoint Idaho a Good Place to Retire?

Choosing where to settle down to enjoy the era after the working years is an important decision, and many are starting to ask is Sandpoint, Idaho a good place to retire. It’s a big question and probably presents oddly that people getting ready to retire or looking to relocate for retirement are looking into such a specific place. Though, that should indicate quite a bit about retiring in Sandpoint, Idaho. 

Not every place is perfect for retiring, it’s about what you enjoy and how you want to spend your new-found freedom. So, here are 5 reasons you’ll want to look into if Sandpoint Idaho is a good place to retire for you.

1) Enjoy the Outdoors in Stride

If being outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer is among your favorite hobbies, then living in Sandpoint, Idaho should be at the top of your retirement locations list.  From canoeing down pristine rivers to some of the best skiing in the country, and serene beaches to leisurely hiking trails, Sandpoint is an outdoor lovers paradise. 

Sandpoint Idaho Outdoors

The entire culture of Idaho is centered around having an active outdoor lifestyle. Their tourism, festivals, and general interests of the population lay in being outside. If that is the move you want to make or sounds up your alley then, the only answer to is Sandpoint, Idaho a good place to retire is yes. 

2) Top Medical Centers

Part of choosing where to retire is having access to good medical care and living in Sandpoint, Idaho provides just that. The city has some of the highest ratios of medical centers per resident, specifically 6.34 per 1000 people. That is an excellent amount of access if looking to retire in Sandpoint. 

While having access to doctors is great, it needs to be quality medical care as well. Sandpoint, Idaho can boast that as well with their Bonner General being awarded a 4-star rating. Not only is Sandpoint, Idaho home to a well-ranked hospital but, having such a large retirement community means more medical offices are familiar with the ongoing needs of those who are enjoying their senior years.

3) Other Retirees

Being around others like yourself is a pleasure at any age. Families tend to move where other families already are and it would make sense for retirees to go where there is already a retired community. Not to say that living in Sandpoint, Idaho is nothing but retirement centers, it’s quite the opposite. Part of the reason so many ask is Sandpoint, Idaho a good place to retire is because it has an active retirement community. 

While the population isn’t entirely senior citizens,19.8% of it is. That’s quite the chunk of the city and like those in different age groups, enjoying all the landscape has to offer. Living in Sandpoint, Idaho is a good place to retire for those who not only like an outdoorsy lifestyle but, those who want to do it with people in the same stage of life as themselves.

4) Active Cultural Scene

While skiing, hiking, lake, and river activities are a large part of living in Sandpoint, Idaho, it also has a great art and restaurant scene. From outdoor installations to museums that rival galleries in Manhattan, Sandpoint does its duty catering to the intellect as well. 

Even the most rugged outdoorsy person has a multitude of interests and choosing where to retire should reflect them. If one of your hobbies is galavanting around 5-star restaurants from world-renowned chefs or taking in the latest exhibit from a noted artist, you’ll find both in Sandpoint.  Whenever you don’t feel up to the outdoors, make sure to check out the art walks and museum calendars. It’s never a disappointment.

5) Cost of Living

Part of retirement is planning for a fixed income or mostly fixed income and that makes relocating an even bigger decision. So, is Sandpoint, Idaho a good place to retire after factoring in daily costs of living? Absolutely! The cost of living in Sandpoint if 4% below the national average and the median income is just under 32K a year. That’s a pretty good budget to rely on.

With that cost of living on that income, combined with all the things to do listed above, you won’t be pressed for money when wanting to enjoy the town. Even if it’s a budget week or a period where you have to tweak living expenses, a hike and a swim are both free. 

Retiring in Sandpoint, Idaho

It all comes down to what you want out of retirement and if the outdoors isn’t your thing or if you’re craving a metropolis, then living in Sandpoint, Idaho may not be for you. On the other hand, if these 5 points had you raise an eyebrow and you’re wanting to look deeper then, is Sandpoint, Idaho a good place to retire? For you, most likely!



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