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How Do Residents Feel About Living There?

Because it is a relatively small town the expectation could be that there’s not much there to do. The fact is though that most of the residents agree that the area has a nice selection of restaurants, breweries, and other opportunities for a night on the town. The families and the children living there or said to be very polite and neighborly. Unlike living in the big city there is not tremendous traffic or long commutes and in fact, those that live close enough to town can often walk or ride their bicycle.

In many cities around the country, the idea of children walking to and from school is out of the question. But in Sandpoint, it is quite common. The area is considered very safe and many homes are close enough that children can often walk comfortably to school and back again. In many public schools around the nation children and parents often complain about school lunches but most who live in this town say that the school lunches are enjoyable and reasonably good.

When it comes to Idaho real estate one of the big questions is the median cost of a home in the area. The area has homes in a range of prices but the median home cost less than $200,000. In fact, most are under $180,000. The typical household has an income of less than $35,000 a year. Middle-class families can live reasonably comfortable for that amount because the general cost of living is lower than in many other parts of the country.

There are lots of outdoor activities that are available to do in the area. Everything from camping to fishing is available. Hunting and skeet shooting are also available. Many people enjoy motorcycling and off-roading as well as boating. Although many of the big cities have been ravaged by gangs and drugs it is not something that is seen in this area. The homes have no need for putting bars on the windows and there are no areas of town that are thought to be too dangerous to go to after dark.

If you are considering Home Relocation in Northern Idaho, then you want a team that will guide you through the processes instead of just pressure you to quickly buy a house! The right house in the wrong community is the wrong home! 

North Idaho features a variety of amazing communities, breathtaking natural scenery, and downright friendly people, northern Idaho has seen a surge in interest from individuals both in and out of state. Even a brief visit here makes it really easy to see why! Massive evergreen forests, lovely mountains, and a stunning array of home options, Real Estate in Northern Idaho as varied as the cities that make up northern Idaho. 

Seeing our client’s eyes glimmer as they find their dream home and stay within your budget is what makes our jobs so rewarding!

There a lot of ground to cover when it comes to Real Estate in North Idaho. Finding the best possible house or location is an important part of what we help our clients do. Coeur d’Alene, Hayden Lake, Spirit Lake, Bayview, and Rathdrum are just some of the many areas, Our Real Estate Company located in Northern Idaho helps match buyers and sellers in. In addition to this, if you love the small mountain town life there are plenty of small communities with property available, as well!

Real Estate Developments

1. Cedars At Sandcreek

This is a very nice neighborhood of middle-class homes built with a range of special craftsmanship. The homes come with fireplaces and hardwood floors as well as Low-E Windows. They also have granite slab countertops in the kitchen, glass doors and slate accents. Lots have nice landscaping and most are generous in size. Many of the homes have attached garages that come standard with keyless entry, porches, and cedar decks. The streets are nicely paved and the neighborhood is found at the edge of town.

2. Milltown Park

As well as a home some may be looking for commercial property. Anyone interested in Idaho real estate for commercial use will be interested in Milltown Park. Strategically it is one of the prime locations that still have opportunities to build a place with commercial zoning. Whether it’s a freestanding office, a retail outlet, or service business this is a perfect spot.

3. Moon Ridge Estates

Those that want to be close to downtown and still have views of nature such as Schweitzer Mountain will find this a great location. It is close to restaurants and other services while also being convenient to natural trails and many outdoor activities. This neighborhood has custom homes and sites for single-family houses. The homeowners association fees are extremely low and there is a variety of home plans that are available.

4. Whisper Ridge Estates

This area has incredible mountain and lake views while still being only minutes to downtown. The area is at the base of Schweitzer Mountain. Those who live here find that it gives them the feeling of being away from it all while only taking minutes to be in the middle of town. Residents are able to share a 10-acre area available to everyone there that includes a waterfall and pond. The lots come with utilities already prepared as well as sewer and water.

Sandpoint Demographics

97% of the residents speak only English. Only 3% speak other languages. Three-quarters of the people living in Sandpoint are over 18 with the majority being between 21 and 62 years old. About 17% of the area residents are over 65. More than 50% of those living in Sandpoint own their own homes and about 48% rent. The average rent in the area is just over $700 a month.

Almost all residents are white representing more than 95% of the population. There are close to 5% Hispanics living here and all others are a fraction of the residents. Although the majority of people still drive to work everyday just as they would in other cities, there’s still a decent percentage of those that can either walk to work or that work from home. There is even about 12% of residents that carpool together to work.

The population is about 53% female and 47%, male. The average age of those living there is 41 years old. Most people consider the area to be very relaxing while having lots to do, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The area is considered extremely safe and most parents do not worry about their children being outdoors playing or walking to or from school.

Tips For Making The Move To Idaho

One of the best things that a family can do when getting ready to move to a new city is to get organized. If you have school-age children then you’ll want to become familiar with the communities and the school systems within those communities. You’ll also want to determine whether or not you want your child to walk to school, take the bus, or drive them there. Depending on which you decide on might have an impact on what neighborhood you want to move to.

If you’re trying to get information on the area then you can start by doing research at the Chamber of Commerce. They often have information on communities, school systems, and businesses in the area. You will also need to organize your children’s school records so that they can be appropriately transferred to the new school district where they will be attending.

What Is It Like to Live in Sandpoint?

Standpoint is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Idaho.

No matter your interest, Sandpoint has something to offer you. Sandwiched between beautiful mountain ranges and the magnificent Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint provides locals and visitors some of the most beautiful sights they’ll see in their lifetime.

Known for being an epicenter for great outdoor recreational activities, art, and cultural events, Sandpoint is the ideal destination for anybody that’s looking to enjoy great outdoors. In Sandpoint offers locals and visitors great restaurants spread around town, art events happening almost every weekend tons of outdoor activities year-round.

Why You’ll Love It Here

Sandpoint has something to appeal to every home buyer. So, whether you are single, married, young, old, or anything in between, you have a place to call home in Sandpoint.

If your choice of outdoor adventures is exploring the beauty of green spaces and waterfront landscapes, then Sandpoint, Idaho is for you. Its vibrant real estate market, offers potential buyers everything they may want or need from beautiful single family homes, downtown condos, and even luxurious lakeside retreats.

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