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Why use Martinelli Realty Team to sell your North Idaho Home?

We know the market: We start each day early by checking for new homes that have come onto the market. We also check systematically throughout the day. This allows us to stay on top of the market for both our buyers and sellers. We are active in our local neighborhoods and preview several homes a week. Our value to you starts with our strong understanding of what price to sell your home at… too high and the house sits, too low and you lose money.

We will communicate with you: As your listing agents, we will honestly critique your home to get it ready to sell- yes, we will tell you if your house smells! No worries though, we have a team of experts who can make your home shine if we need them. During the listing, we will schedule the showings and actively seek critiques from the buyer’s agents about your home. We will communicate to you what they say, so as a team we can make any adjustments necessary.

We will aggressively market your home: Communicating to today’s buyers starts with putting your home where they can see it. This requires professional photos, videos, and commentaries which are targeted through social media, print ads, open houses (if you desire) and our boots on the ground. See how we market homes with video HERE.

We will negotiate from strength: Going into negotiations, we will have the confidence that the home is priced right for the market and we will demand the fairest price from the most qualified buyers. We will keep you active in the process, while we lead from a position of experience and knowledge.

We will provide full-service: We are committed to being the professionals you are proud to use and recommend. As such, together with our team of professional service providers, we will take care of your every need from start to close.