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The Ins and Outs of Relocating to Idaho

The Ins and Outs of Relocating to Idaho

Relocating to Idaho, or anywhere for that matter, is a big step and can be quite the process. Maybe when you’re younger and unattached to where you currently are you could just pack-up and move, but not when you have a house and job. Relocating means resetting up your life and is a decision that affects the next few years of your life. You want to be sure about living in Northern Idaho and pick the best Northern Idaho cities for you. 

So, let’s go over some of the things to consider when planning on relocating to Idaho. 

Check Out Possible Places

Living in Northern Idaho means having to choose from dozens of cities, each carrying their own vibe and culture. Sure, Idaho has its own lifestyle and different areas have theirs but, choosing Northern Idaho cities means choosing each place’s take on the larger milieu. For example, living in Post Falls would be different than living Coeur d’Alene. Post Falls may be close to Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Washington but, it’s far closer to a bedroom and retirement community. Coeur d’Alene, on the other hand, is more of an outdoors adventure town with an active nightlife. 

Before picking up and relocating to Northern Idaho, take your time and visit numerous cities. Get to know the community and the culture there to see which best fits your lifestyle. If you’re a more laid back and quieter person, then you may want to avoid the college and adventure towns like Coeur d’Alene, for example. 

Not everything can be found out online, sometimes you have to do the legwork. If you’re relocating to Idaho, you’re probably going to be there for a while, so make sure you’re going to love being there for a while.

Talk with Local Realtors 

Once you’re settled on one of the Northern Idaho cities, it’s time to start looking for a place to move in to. Since you’re unfamiliar with the market and what neighborhoods are best, you should consult a realtor in the city you’ve chosen. Remember that they’ve most likely spent their entire lives in the area and will have an intimate knowledge of it. They can speak to the best location and home depending on your needs, the kinds of daily activities you’re interested in, and they’ll know how to finagle within your price range. 

So, when exploring Northern Idaho cities and living in Northern Idaho, take note of the different realtors around. See their reviews, testimonials, and how they’ve helped people in the past. Maybe pop into an office or two and speak to them. It’s a good way to get ahead and you’re already there exploring, so might as well check the housing market.

You want to meet the realtors rather than phoning every office and saying “hey, I’m relocating to Idaho”, body language is half of a conversation after all. If you’re meeting them in person, perhaps they can even show you a few places or make suggestions. One of the first things to do in prepping for relocating to Idaho, or anywhere else, is talking with realtors. So, do not skip this step and spend hours Googling. 

Plan the Move

So, you’ve found one of the Northern Idaho cities to your liking and even had a realtor set up a home for you to purchase. Next is the move itself and while it’s the final step in relocating to Idaho, it’s certainly the biggest headache. For example, finding movers who will pack and ship everything to Idaho or figuring out how to do it for yourself. Although, if you’re moving for a job or relocating to Northern Idaho due to your current job, ask if they’ll assist you with the move; whether financially or logistically. Many companies will help you in that regard, especially if it isn’t really your choice to go. 

If your job isn’t a factor, then you will need to set up movers in your current city and movers in Idaho. Unless you’ve chosen a national moving company, then it’s probably easier to handle the logistics of relocating to Idaho. Perhaps your realtor will have a tip for you with the movers. So, don’t be afraid to ask around. Whether it be your realtor or your work. Moving your life to another place is made easier by more hands, for sure!

Get to Relocating to Idaho

You know where you’re going, know where you’re unpacking, and everything is sent off to meet you there, now you’re relocating to Idaho. It can be a long and stressful process but, by getting a head start and exploring different Northern Idaho cities, speaking with local realtors, and asking for moving tips or logistical support will make it a lot less stressful.

Hope to see you around town!

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Living in Northern Idaho means having to choose from dozens of cities, each carrying their own culture. Here are the Ins and Outs of Relocating to Idaho.
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