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Looking to Sell or Buy Real Estate in North Idaho?

At The Martinelli Realty Team…We bring the seller and the buyer together!

If you are Selling your home you want a team that connects with potential buyers for your home…and alot of them! We have a strong social media presence when it comes to reaching and serving buyers.

If you are Buying a home you want a team that will guide and educate you on the community… not pressure you to buy a house! The right house in the wrong community is the wrong home! In fact, showing you a home is step 4 of 5 in our no pressure approach to buying.

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We are a Real Estate family serving Coeur d’Alene and all of North Idaho. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Newest North Idaho Properties

Real Estate: Finding Your Home in God’s Country

Featuring a variety of amazing communities, breathtaking natural scenery, and downright friendly people, northern Idaho has seen a surge in interest from individuals both in and out of state. Even a brief visit here makes it really easy to see why! Massive evergreen forests, lovely mountains, and a stunning array of home options, Northern Idaho real estate is incredibly exciting. Seeing the eyes light up in clients as they find their true dream home, and find that it is actually in their budget, is part of what makes our job so rewarding!

Northern Idaho covers a lot of territory, and locating the best possible house or location is an important part of what we help our clients do. Coeur d’Alene, Hayden Lake, Spirit Lake, Bayview, and Rathdrum are just some of the many areas we help match buyers and sellers in. In addition to this, if you love the small mountain town life there are plenty of small communities with property available, as well!

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Why is North Idaho so different?

Our clients are drawn to North Idaho and the greater Coeur d’Alene area for its culture.

A culture of people not afraid of their strong traditional values. A culture where people recreate outdoors in all four seasons. A culture where homes and neighborhoods are centered around mountains, woods, and water. Communities that are safe, clean, and minutes from shopping, work, and play.

You can find a house anywhere…you can’t find North Idaho anywhere but here!

Discover a North Idaho community right for you.

While all North Idaho communities are surrounded by timbered mountains and recreational waters, each has its own amenities and additional lifestyle benefits. Search and compare communities here!

Summers involve plenty of outdoor time. Hiking amazing trails, camping while surrounded by the natural beauty, taking a dip in the many lakes, or heading into town to enjoy a beer fest or local park – there’s no shortage of options available for having a fun time! Even the cities have a touch of the friendliness and easy going pace of small-town life that visitors rave about and locals simply contribute to.

Add in the best of urban living and culture with great local breweries, unique independent businesses, impressive museums, jazz festivals, and more, there is never a shortage of things to do or see. Whether you love challenging your mind, having a delicious local brew, or enjoying the great outdoors, there are options available during all four seasons to keep you plenty busy no matter what your energy level.

Each community has its own unique personality and offerings, but wherever you look to settle in northern Idaho you will find communities that are tightly knit, friendly, welcoming, and always open to a good time.

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Coeur d'ALene

Buying Real Estate Services

For buyers in the area looking for real estate in North Idaho, moving to a new city for a job, or an out of state future resident looking for a better place to enjoy life, we have plenty of options available. Whatever your specific needs, our talented team of experienced Realtors in Cda Idaho work tirelessly to make sure that we match you with a house that meets, if not exceeds, your expectations.

We know that not every person has the same image of a dream house. We want to know what things are most important to you and what features you can’t live without. This helps us figure out the absolute best option for you so you’re getting a house that you will love for a lifetime.

Many Styles of Homes

The styles of homes available are as varied as the tastes of home buyers out there. Are you looking for a modern home built in manor cabin style? Looking for an old school bit of architecture with modern amenities? Like multiple decks and windows giving a wide-open feeling or something simple but with plenty of acres to enjoy the natural wonder & beauty that northern Idaho has to offer?

Real Estate for Every Type of Buyer

Whatever your specific tastes, you will find plenty of options when it comes to real estate in northern Idaho. We’ve seen every type of house imaginable and we know that for every person there is a perfect home out there. Our team likes nothing more than finding the perfect match between the two!

Reasonably Priced Options

If you have spent any time living on either coast or in the middle of a large urban center, you know how ridiculous prices can be in some areas. You get more for your money living in this beautiful state, and the north doesn’t disappoint. From simple two or three bedroom homes that are cozy and set up for enjoying retirement while having guest rooms for visitors to large 5 or 6 bathroom dream homes coming in at a fraction of what they would in other parts of the country, there are plenty of options here for individuals at all stages of life that won’t bust your budget.

For sellers in the area, rest assured we can get a fair price for your property when its time to make a move because or upgrade. Whatever your budget and whatever you’re looking for, you may be stunned by just how many great options the northern part of the state has to offer. Idaho is way more than just Boise, after all!

Trust with Our Neighbors

When it comes to northern Idaho real estate, our edge comes in the fact we are part of the communities we serve! They are our neighbors, our friends, and the people we do business with. We have the type of trust that only comes from actually being an active part of where you work. This trust means we get a look at the best properties, the best potential lots, and are able to give more options to both buyers and sellers.

We have a reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy realty team who know how to connect the best buyers with the best sellers. Whether you’re looking for a single family home, condo, townhouse, discounted properties, or developmental properties, we have an in with all the best options you will find throughout northern Idaho.

Whether you have a specific community in mind or not, we can narrow down your search to a laser focus to hone in on that perfect property where you need to have it or throw the broad net to see all the many options that are going to be available if you’re a bit more flexible on exact location.

Selling Real Estate Services

If you’re looking to sell your northern Idaho home, know that there is plenty of demand and that demand. When you’re ready to make a move and sell you can count on us to get you a great deal and match your house with a buyer who will love it.

Whether buying or selling, we want to make sure that everyone is happy with us no matter which side of the transaction they are on. This is why we have earned a reputation as a trustworthy local realtor and you can count on us to use the same level of tireless effort on your behalf.

Find Your Little Slice of Heaven

Northern Idaho is an incredible area, and there’s a reason local residents are so proud to be here. When you’re ready to buy or sell your home, make sure to contact us today! We’ll be here to help you take your next step to make your real estate dreams come true!